Calder Valley Voices

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Anyone can join. You are welcome.

Why not join us to sing for sheer pleasure with Calder Valley Voices? We welcome newcomers and old friends on Thursday evenings in the Methodist Church Hall (oposite the co-op) in Hebden Bridge. Map at the bottom of this page. Anyone can come for a taster session on a Thursday evening and the first session is free.

Term Dates

We meet on Thursdays from 7.15pm until 9.30pm

Singing sessions run in parallel with Calderdale education term dates.

Fees are paid half termly. This is a rough guide:

Feb 2024 sample prices: 5 week half term fees

Half Term Fee
under £7k p.a.£15.50
under £17k p.a.£18
£17k - £25k p.a.£23
£25k - £35k p.a.£28
over £35k p.a.£38

These prices are updated each term. Pay by cheque made out to Calder Valley Voices or by BACS payment.

If you want to know more, come along for a taster session, email or call Angela Barrs on 01422 843321 for enquiries. See you soon!

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